Need More Leads for Your Wedding Business?

Do you think that you need more leads? Could increase your sales if you could only get some more leads?   Did you wake up this morning and say “Hey, I need money, which means I need more leads. If I can just show my stuff to more people, I’ll land more sales and make more money."? At Team Wedding Marketing, we talk to a lot of wedding pros.  When asked their biggest pain point, most say “I don’t get enough good leads". Many of these wedding pros are spending lots of money on advertising or some magical lead generator program, often with lackluster results. In reality, you probably have lots of leads, most of them good ones. You just don’t know it, because a lot of those prospective customers bounce out before they ever get to the point where they want to connect. Let's explore this problem and what you can do to fix it. We all think we have a sales funnel.  Leads go into the top of the funnel, and sales come out the bottom.  That might lead you to surmise that if you put more...

The Official Guide to COVID-19 Wedding Types in 2020

The Official Guide to COVID-19 Wedding Types in 2020

CLICK HERE to watch our video that accompanies this article on the Team Wedding YouTube channel. The Official Guide to COVID-19 Wedding Types in 2020  by Renee Roberts, Team Wedding Marketing The entire wedding industry has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. In some parts of the country, weddings are at a complete standstill due to size considerations for events and gatherings.  With the sizes of events severely limited and federal, state and local guidelines changing regularly, engaged couples are unsure on whether to continue, postpone or cancel their wedding plans. Couples are realizing it’s not as simple as finding out what dates are available at the venue and reprinting new invitations.  Other considerations include making sure key guests (family and wedding party) and contracted vendors can attend the new date, while most likely trying to trim the guest list in light of COVID-19 to line up with event restrictions imposed by CDC’s social distancing...

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