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Let Team Wedding handle your marketing so you can do more of what you love.

Welcome to Team Wedding Marketing, your partner in crafting unforgettable moments and building everlasting connections. As premier marketing specialists dedicated to the world of weddings, we specialize in empowering venues and wedding pros to flourish in an increasingly competitive industry.

Every wedding holds a unique story, and every professional deserves a spotlight to showcase their expertise. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can focus on what you do best while we take care of the marketing intricacies. Whether it’s curating captivating content, optimizing online presence, or orchestrating profitable social media campaigns, our dedicated team of marketing experts will collaborate closely with you to create tailored strategies that resonate with your audience. With an eye for detail and a pulse on the latest industry trends, we are committed to guiding you toward cost-effective and time-efficient marketing solutions that will elevate your brand.

Outsourced and Fractional Marketing Services

Most wedding pros don’t have the need for a full-time marketer, have little luck hiring interns or part-timers, and don’t have the time or skill set to handle all the marketing themselves. Team Wedding offers a customized, all-in-one alternative to DIY marketing.  We can oversee your entire marketing program, taking a big-picture approach to develop and manage a marketing strategy that will grow your sales, save you money, and free up your time to do more weddings.


Paid Search and Social Media

An investment in search and social media advertising can deliver a positive ROI. We’ll show you the best ways to do it.

Branding Strategy

How are you different? What is your value proposition? Who is your right fit client? We help craft your branding strategy.

Face-To-Face Marketing

Wedding shows, open houses, tours and even Zoom meetings require a solid strategy. We will help.

Search Engine Optimization

With solid SEO, search engines will deliver you prospective customers and allow you to reduce your paid advertising.


Content Marketing

Audio, video and written content, placed on the right platforms, will bring you new customers. We put the pieces together.

Email Marketing

From large email campaigns to one-on-one emails, we develop powerful content and a design that maximizes your results.

Team Wedding Videos & Podcasts

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